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Our Winemaker

Growing the dream, one new wine at a time.

Mother of three, Jennifer Wall, was born in California and has become one of the world’s most award-winning winemakers. Jen joined us straight after college. She was studying biology and dreamt of becoming a physician. Fortunately, she spent the summer with us picking grapes, and changed her mind. Now she has been with us for more than 20 years, and in 1995 she became our head winemaker. Wine is not the only thing she does well, she always keeps us in a good mood with her sense of humour and sparkling personality!  

Over the  years and as our collection grew, Jen has gone from making four to more than thirty wines that are sold across the globe. And whether she is working on Barefoot Bubbly, tweaking her latest red blend or coming up with ideas for new wines, it is her natural curiosity and creativity that keep us on our toes.  

Why do we love Jen?’ She always puts her best foot forward.

Jen’s commitment has not gone unnoticed. Her wines and bubbly are some of the most award-winning ever in competitions in the U.S. The wines have been awarded more than 2,000 medals, innumerable prizes and, most important of all, lots of appreciation from fans all over the world! 

Our perpetually optimistic winemaker not only creates a fantastic collection of delicious wines, she also gives back! When it comes to charity, she is one of our most passionate drivers. At home in California, she supports local projects such as Girl Scouts of America and Catwalk for a cure. What a woman she is, our Jen.

How amazing? Jen has taken our passion for foot humour truly to heart!

Jen is a genuine Barefooter and we have permission to use her barefoot name, Pinky Toe, whenever we like.

What a compliment!

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