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Our History

At Barefoot Wine & Bubbly, we keep stomping along as always.   

How do you become one of the world’s most beloved wine brands? You follow your heart, all the way to the top of the vine. And then you continue – but you already knew that! 

So we’ll start at the beginning. In 1965 winemaker Davis Bynum creates Barefoot Bynum Burgundy in his own garage. A somewhat odd choice of name perhaps, but an amazing homage to creating wine with your feet.  

Fast forward to 1986, because now things are really taking off! Two visionaries, Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, take over. We become Barefoot Cellars and get our logotype, which (surprise!) depicts a footprint. The relaxed attitude and sparkling personality of Barefoot Wine, quickly make an impression on the world. 

We love helping other people get up on their feet. 

As much as we love making wine, we also love giving something back! We are more than happy to support people and good causes. A great tradition that began in the nineties, when Randy Arnold joined us (one of our first Barefoot ambassadors), and he still makes us all bubbly on the inside. 

Today, our Barefoot ambassadors travel the world to help us give something back anywhere it is needed. That is real love! 

Barefoot Wines

Nobody should judge you by the colour of your favourite grape

When winemaker Jen Wall joined us in 1995, we only had four wines in our portfolio.  Today, we are able to offer more than thirty amazing wines for sale around the world. 5 of which are  available to buy in Sweden and each with its unique version of our colourful footprint.

In 1998, with the the millennium fast approaching, we introduced our fans to Barefoot Bubbly. These wines were perfect for a picnic, a lovely day at the beach or a barbecue! We’ll see what we come up with next, but we can promise it will be fun!

Wine tastes better in a t-shirt than in a tux.

In 2005, we achieved another milestone when we became part of E. & J. Gallo Winery. Now Barefoot Wine & Bubbly fans can enjoy our wines right across the globe with our iconic footprint making us one of the world’s most recognised and appreciated wine brands.

But don’t worry, our success has not made us pop our cork. We keep stomping along like we always did, with plenty of love for our surroundings and gallons of passion for what we love – making wine that tastes better in a t-shirt than in a tux. 

So what are you waiting for?
barefoot winemaker

What a compliment!

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