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When it comes to certain issues, you just have to put your foot down.


Never stop believing you can make the world a better place. 

Few things are more fun than making the world better for our friends. And thanks to our Barefoot veteran, Randy Arnold, we have been able to do so for 25 years now. Randy always believed that Barefoot can contribute to a better world. With his help, we have had the opportunity to channel our passion for giving back through excellent collaborations with several non-profit organisations. He followed his heart from day one and has no intention of giving up. Neither do we.

Spreading love to our neighbours means the world to us! 

Over the years, we have had the privilege of participating in thousands of charity events. All thanks to our barefoot friends all over the world!   

So how amazing are they, our Barefooters? Our passionate ambassadors make a difference everywhere they are needed, irrespective of where and when. They themselves would probably say that they are perfectly ordinary people. We think they are superheroes. And that is more than a little fantastic.   

Our Barefooters are just like our different wines. But they all have one thing in common – they love to spread lots of sparkling love to their neighbours

You give us butterflies in our stomach and keep our feet on the ground. 

If it were not for our Barefoot Wine fans like yourself, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve anything close to what we have done. But together we rolled up our trouser legs and left our footprint on a world that is a little bit better. And we’re making it even better again, because we are picking up speed. Do you feel that flutter in your stomach?  

We think wine should be all inclusive.

At Barefoot, we do not think anybody should be judged by the colour of their favourite grape. The fact is, that we are a bit obsessed with liberating wine from all forms of snobbery. Everyone should have the right to kick off their shoes and bare their soles. How you do it is up to you! We will play footsie with anyone, irrespective of who you are or whom you love. Not so strange then that we dance until our feet burn at PRIDE festivals and that we have partnered with over 100 different LGBT groups over the years. If we get a chance to celebrate diversity, we go for it!  

Our approach is simple – have fun and be yourself!

In living by our values, we can be confident in our conviction that wine is for everyone. For however you twist and turn the bottle, it is the people around it that make life interesting. 

What a compliment!

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